The rise of mobile internet, smart phones and other touch screen tablet type mobile devices has lead to the emergence of new uses, as much for the public at large as for professionals. In particular, touch tablets have become indispensable in industry, especially in the commercial and marketing sectors. However, several recent attempts to transfer this mobility to other industrial activities - notably in Studies, Methodology and Processes - have not achieved the expected results. As a consequence, development of these new uses, advancement of these new activities and adoption of these new digital devices has also slowed down.


Traditional CAD editors are currently technologically unable to carry heavy 3D models on mobile devices. A simple model made up of 20 million triangles poses a challenge to which they cannot rise, not to mention formulating a solution to recurring problems that crop up during management of large assemblies In fact, while they do benefit from regular technical upgrades (GPU, CPU, memory capacity), touch screen tablets only hold a limited amount of power. Without in-depth knowledge of these particular devices, as well as ad hoc high performance technology, it is currently impossible for them to offer their customers an efficient solution that allows them to take their 3D models out of the design studio.


Technology developed by Newscape Technology over the last 5 years allows users to manipulate heavy 3D models on touch screen tablets and other low power devices, such as netbooks. Previously engaged in the LBS (Location Based Services) mobile application sector, where it received critical acclaim for its Paris 3D application (the first mobile photo-textured 3D city which notably won the Nokia Calling All Innovators award), the company has recently refocused itself on the mobile 3D CAD market. Its flagship product, NST 3D CAD, allows users to carry large industrial 3D models and even provides a solution to management of large assemblies, such as large passenger planes, liners, power plants, etc. Two videos illustrate the power underpinning NST 3D CAD.

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